May, 2018

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What Is Minecraft Earth All About?

Minecraft is one of the popular MMOs games all over the world. Minecon is an annual event, where Minecraft fans from different countries attend to meet the like-minded players. This conference event that was inaugurated in the year 2010 came to a halt in 2017. This event is being replaced by Mineco Earth, also referred as minecraft earth. This event is held online, and the developers say that this will make the meeting easier. You can Check about this Minecraft event on the Internet.

Another reason why the conference held online is to cut down the cost of conducting them physically. Nowadays, conducting a huge meeting via online is much cheaper than conducting in a big arena.

Originally, the Minecon was called as MinecraftCon, which is an annual conference conducted by developers Mojang. Minecraft players from all over the world, take part in this meeting to share their experiences. The first meeting, held in the year 2010, was a small event with a small number of people. It was held by the founder, Notch. Minecon 2011 was held at Las Vegas. In the subsequent years, the event was held at different places such as Paris, London, Florida and many more.

The Minecon Earth will run for 90 minutes, and the event will be hosted in Minecraft channel. This event can be streamed online for free and will also be shown on most popular streaming websites. Mojang has created a website for Minecon Earth, which features an announcement video. In this video, Mojang explains why he wants to make the event online. One of the reasons he cited here is limited availability of the tickets that are difficult to get an increasing number of audiences.

There are also many Minecon Earth events to be held locally. The events constitute tournaments, where the expert and proficient Minecraft players will be recruited for the major events.

There are many reasons why Minecraft games have so many players. It can be dubbed as the online version of Lego, where the players create structures and play in various virtual environments. This game allows the players from different countries and places compete with each other through online. The game is never-ending, and the players can create worlds and locations of their imagination. If you haven’t played this game before, you should give a try now. This game can be a great exercise to your mind and also offers a great deal of entertainment.

Whether you are a new Minecraft player or a seasonal player, you should attend the Minecraft Earth event for many reasons. First, this event allows you interact with various Minecraft players, with whom you can share ideas and get opinions. You can also dine with developers of the Minecraft developers. If you want to get the tickets for the Minecraft Earth event, you should check the Internet. There are only a few websites, where you can find the tickets for this event.

You can buy the tickets for yourself and gift someone. In fact, this can be a great gift for any Minecraft lovers. So, rush quickly to book your tickets.