Here’s How You Can Find Out If Your Car’s Suspension System Is In Trouble!!

car suspension trouble

You cannot buy a car and leave it unmaintained. It has to be properly maintained for smooth functioning. Right maintenance not only ensures your safety while riding it but also increases the life of the car. Car maintenance is not a simple task as it seems to be. There are lots of minute details to examine. While doing maintenance on your car, you should never forget to take care of the suspension system. Visit for best suspension systems.

Taking guidance from, here is some insight on how to properly maintain your vehicle’s suspension system.

What exactly is the suspension system?
Your car’s body is connected to its wheels by a system consisting of springs, shock absorbers, struts, anti-sway, ball joints, spindles, etc. The whole setup is termed as the suspension system. The prime feature of the suspension system is to control the bouncing motion of your car while going through bumpy roads. The suspension system is what which lets you ride comfortably without being much affected by the hurdles on the road.

Irrespective of how much care you take, the suspension system will wear out gradually. But with proper maintenance, you can extend its life.

Indicators of a suspension system problem
Given below are a few indications that your car has a suspension system issue.

1. When you apply the brakes and your car does not stop after the expected distance and instead if it dips or noses further. This could be a sign that the suspension system is weak.

2. While driving, if your vehicle gets pulled to one side, be alert. It can indicate suspension system issues. Wheel alignment or different levels of tread wear on tires can also be the reasons. So check them first. If they get ruled out, then you must check the suspension system

3. If all the tires of your car are properly inflated and still If one corner of your car hangs lower than the rest, then that may be an issue with the suspension system in that particular area.

4. While turning corners, if you feel that your car is lacking stability and is drifting or skidding to one side, then never ignore that. The chance for accidents is really high in this case. Get your car’s suspension system checked very fast to avoid risks.

5. Bounces during drives are common; especially when you drive through bumpy roads. An efficient suspension system helps your car stabilize the bounce very soon after hitting the bump. If the number of bounces is uncomfortably high or they do not stop immediately and continues for a while, then your car’s suspension system might have worn out.

6. If the struts appear to be oily when you examine under the vehicle, then there is a chance of a fluid leak, and they need to be replaced.

The suspension system is a critical feature related to your safety while driving. So keep checking it at regular intervals and make sure that it is perfect. If you suspect any trouble, don’t wait. Get it fixed by experts right away. Be safe!

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